Heal Yourself MagazineWednesday, 24 Jan 2018
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Two videos for Fruit & Juice Mondays by Chef Tina Jo Stephens

Well it’s that time again Fruit and Juice Monday! How did you do last week? Did you stick to it for just one day? How did you feel? Today I am honored to have Chef  Tina Jo Stephens who has created two videos just for Heal Yourself  Magazine for our Monday Fruit and Juice Day! The first...
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Juicing Recipes to get you started

Below are a few  juicing recipes that will help you get started juicing. I purchase organic fruits and vegetables so I know they are free from pestisides plus I buy local. With the pulp that is left over from my juicing I freeze it and add it to...

Fruit & Juice Mondays Introduction

Starting Monday July 13, 2009 will be our first Fruit & Juice Monday here on Heal Yourself Magazine. We are joining Viveca Stone-Berry from Adrenal Fatigue Be Gone in her weekly Fruit & Juice Mondays. We invite everyone who is interested in...