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Heal Yourself Talk Radio

- 29 April 2012, 02:04

Heal Yourself Talk Radio (http://www.healyourselftalk.com) : Health and wellness, body and spirit counselor Rebbekah White comes to you with personable, down to earth info and guidance; with warm, direct and exciting wellness talk!

Check out true life experiences, from Rebbekah to you, on each and every episode of her award winning Heal Yourself Talk Radio show.

[evp type=youtube width=340 height=280 allowFullScreen=1 playOnStart=0 allowSharing=1 autoHideVideoControls=0 showPlayButton=1 after=http://www.healyourselftalk.com]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVW5cvA1tQg[/evp]

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