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Two videos for Fruit & Juice Mondays by Chef Tina Jo Stephens

- 20 July 2009, 09:07

Well it’s that time again Fruit and Juice Monday! How did you do last week? Did you stick to it for just one day? How did you feel?

Today I am honored to have Chef  Tina Jo Stephens who has created two videos just for Heal Yourself  Magazine for our Monday Fruit and Juice Day! The first video is on how to create Pineapple Mango Salsa and the second video is about juicers at the end of the last video you will be able to receive a FREE Pdf or audio file “Three Tips for Radiant Health”.

Coming later today an article by Chef  Tina Jo about “Juicing and Blending” so be on the look out for that new article.

Here are the videos:

Green Star Juicer

Green Star Juicer-For More information click on the picture.

If you have any wonderful juicing recipes, questions or comments please add them to the bottom of this post.

We will do our best to answer your questions and if we cannot find them we will contact our experts Viveca Stone-Berry from Fatigue Be Gone and Chef Tina Jo Stephens from Splendor in the Raw.

Our goal is to have a whole community of  blogs juicing each Monday, baby steps is how you change your life and your health! So we are starting out with the Fruit and Juice Mondays so that we all can get into better health one baby step at a time!

All those who participate in our Monday Fruit and Juice day will be recognized on Adrenal Fatigue Be Gone and Heal Yourself  Magazine on our contributors page. We will have a graphic for all those who participate to add to their blogs as well. If you are interested please comment below and leave your blogs URL so we can contact you :)

Off to juice for the morning!

-Rebbekah White

P.S. I personally use the Jack LaLanne juicer, so like Tina Jo Stephens says if you already have a juicer use it :) You don’t need to run out and purchase a new one :)

You can view a video about the Jack LaLanne Juicer by going to this post:


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