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Meet Buffy Lauer new partner and PR rep for HY Network

- 14 March 2009, 09:03

I am very excited and proud to welcome officially Buffy Lauer to The Heal Yourself Network family!  Buffy has been helping me behind the scenes unofficially for a year now and has now come on board as the newest partner, editor, pr rep and marketing expert for The Heal Yourself Network.

I have known Buffy for over 10 years now and have watched her grow into an amazing woman.  Buffy believes in self healing and like me in spreading the word about holistic health and wellness. Buffy brings to the table many life experiences, business experience and the excitement to help Heal Yourself Network grow to its fullest potential.

We have many new and exciting ideas planned for Heal Yourself  Talk Radio and Heal Yourself Magazine. Feel free to email either of us with your ideas on how you would like to see The Heal Yourself Network grow to better fit into your own life.

Now I would like to officially introduce you to Buffy Lauer….

-Rebbekah White

About Buffy Lauer

My name is Buffy Lauer and I am so excited to be joining Rebbekah White and Heal Yourself Talk Radio/Magazine. This past year I turned 40 and have had a tremendous opportunity for reflection, healing, and growth. Born and raised in the Toledo area, I had the privilege of being adopted into a wonderful family. Although there have been many years of understanding and working through my abandonment issues from my birth parents, I am truly grateful for the family I have been given and believe there are no mistakes-I am exactly where I am meant to be… Which also includes being a single mom to James (age 11) and Ellie (age 8).

Buffy Lauer and Rebbekah White

Buffy Lauer and Rebbekah White

When James was born dairy intolerant I chose to give up my “amazing” career as a Purchasing Manager. Although I knew this was the right choice for my son’s health, it came with a massive identity crisis. This was when my emotional breakdown and an array of health issues began… and little did I know this was the beginning of my soul search to find my true identity and quit living behind the smoke screens of the false ego my career and financial stature had given me.

Parenting did not come easy for me. I struggled from fertility issues to a multitude of endocrine issues which affected my emotional and physical well being. Two surgeries and 10 years later I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. There was so little being done to treat this disorder at the time that it took me 2 more years to find a doctor conducting research to take my case. Now, 4 years later, 75 pounds lighter, and lots of joy with-in, I am the healthy parent I’ve always longed to be.

I live an actively healthy lifestyle and my favorite sports include: wakeboarding, riding 4-wheelers, and snowmobiling. Growing-up, I had many great adventures of whitewater rafting and some mountain climbing which gave me a true passion for the great outdoors. My children have far surpassed my abilities on the wakeboard but it’s a great way to spend our day on the water as a family.

My mother became ill with Parkinson’s disease when I was nine so my father was my primary parent. He was an amazingly successful entrepreneur and raised me within the business. He taught me the ins and outs of running a business, along with balance of work, family, and fun. He also passed along his witty creative writing skills. I truly look forward to using all of these gifts to connect with you through the Heal Yourself Network.


Buffy Lauer

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