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Welcome to new writer nutritionist Karen Stauffer

- 12 March 2009, 08:03

We would like to welcome a new writer to Heal Yourself Magazine nutritionist Karen Stauffer.

Karen Stauffer is the owner and nutritionist at River of Life Natural Foods in Lahaska, PA since 1989.

Note from Karen:

Remember that I do not offer medical advice, and that you should see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of disease.  I provide information about nutrients that can strengthen and improve its function.  You must make your own medical decisions, and decide which doctor’s advice to follow.

First let me say that although our bodies have similar needs, each person has specific nutrient needs due to genetics, diet, toxins, or diseases and other environmental hazards.  Sometimes it requires some trials to determine what’s best for you – there aren’t always accurate tests for every deficiency.

Also, optimum levels of a nutrient may be much higher than what’s required for an “official” deficiency disease, and can vary greatly between people.

Some of us may have too much of certain nutrients built up in our bodies for a variety of reasons and need to eliminate the excess, or at least avoid supplementing them.

You can call me at 1-800-651-3820 or email me at KarenStauffer@aol.com and let me hear what you’d like to know about vitamins, herbs or health challenges you’re facing.

I’ll cover as much as possible in my articles, but I’m also available by appointment for private consultations (phone or in person).  Snail mail at P.O. Box 215, Lahaska PA 18931.

Karen’s first article can be found under the Health section on the front of the magazine site.

Welcome aboard Heal Yourself Magazine Karen, we look forward to many informational articles from you!

Rebbekah White

Owner CEO Heal Yourself  Talk Radio and Heal Yourself Magazine

Buffy Lauer

PR and Marketing Rep for Heal Yourself Talk Radio and Heal Yourself Magazine

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