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Uncovered an alarming trend in preschool and head start workshops

- 17 March 2009, 07:03

by Stacey Kannenburg

I am not a teacher or educator but I have a national platform speaking to educators, schools, parents and kids!  But along the way, I have uncovered an alarming trend in my preschool and head start workshops nationwide: the majority of preschool and head start teachers that come to my workshops do not know what children are tested on in the first Kindergarten assessment test, so if they don’t know this information, how are parents and children suppose to know this information?  In fact after testing my teachers at a couple conferences  ONLY 12 of 630 listed those 7 things!  That’s what is wrong with education!!! Many are astounded and angry that I am the first person to share with them that information.  I am not even a teacher!  They have no clue that Kindergartener’s are tested on coins and counting to 100.  Many know shapes and colors but don’t realize that during Kindergarten kids are expected to know hexagon and octagon by the end of the year.   So I am on my grassroots mission to change all that!!!

How can parents and kids be ready for Kindergarten when preschool teachers are not on the same page as Kindergarten teachers? If they aren’t empowered at Kindergarten, they are less likely to be involved in First, Second, Third Grade and beyond!

Parents are told during Kindergarten roundup that their child is ready for Kindergarten in fall.  They are not told what they were tested on so parents assume you tested them on the Kindergarten curriculum you did not!!! You want to change education, it has to begin before Kindergarten! I look forward to hearing back from you about some of my alarming findings!

So when parents come to that first parent teacher conference and they are told that their child only knew 5 of 26 letters all mixed up or was only able to count to 35 on the way to 100; parents feel frustrated and at that point many feel if they can’t help their child in Kindergarten how are they suppose to help in First Grade, Second Grade and beyond!  At that point, many opt out and let the “teachers” teach their children and become disengaged in the educational process. I am on a word-of-mouth grassroots mission to help us all come together and get on the same page starting at the core, Kindergarten!

2009 Copyright Cedar Valley Publishing, Stacey Kannenberg; Let’s Get Ready For First Grade!

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