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Product Review-Sage Hill Farms

- 29 November 2008, 01:11

About Sage Hill Farms and owner Bea Kunz:

Gate-Keepers Bea and Mike Kunz are drawing from generations of family farming practices to build and maintain a Sustainable farm business.

Located at the foot of the beautiful Cumberland Plateau in the state of Tennessee, Sage Hill Farms is proud of and works to maintain a standard of clean and healthy product, not only for their own families, but for your family also.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To produce chemical free herbs by using organic, approved products to enrich and sustain our soil.
  • Through composting and cover cropping, nature can and does supply us with needed elements to meet our goals.
  • Our aim is to leave a better legacy for the next and all future generations to build on.

Now come tour our website, and whether you need products, information, or both…we are only a click away.

EatWell – BeWell~
Bea & Mike Kunz

I love teas, and spices in fact I grow my own during the summer months.  Hence I say summer, any plant that comes into my house during the winter months never survive! So it was a wonderful pleasure to be able to try out Sage Hill Farms Be Well tea and their Italian Blend spices this past week.

I have slowly been going to using more organic products since I started to have more problems with my Lupus the past three months.  I have found that by using more organic products the symptoms are less so I was thrilled when I saw that the teas and spices that are grown on Sage Hill Farms are organically grown. Of course organically grown foods are better for us, but by our foods being grown organically-no pesticides etc-it is better for our planet as well.

The color for the Be Well tea was so pretty, now this may sound weird to those who are so used to drinking teas bought in a box at the store, but the Be Well tea turns a very pretty dark pink after brewing.  The taste was out of this world.  With a touch of honey and a nice warm blanket I savored this tea by our wood stove in our living room and was amazed at the difference having a cup of tea that was not purchased in a box at the grocery store.  The smell coming from my cup wrapped me in more warmth and made me remember having tea with my grandmother. When I was younger my grandma would make me a cup of tea and give me a warm blanket and have me lay down on her couch…have you ever heard that smells bring back memories…I was very happily surprised when this memory came back to me while drinking the Be Well tea.

Now it was time to check out the Italian Blend Spices. The oregano, thyme, basil, and garlic zest flooded my sense with thoughts of a small Italian restaurant.  I added the spices to a jar of organic spaughetti sauce and got rave reviews from my two picky boys :) It was a hit!

I cannot wait to try the Italian blend on our homemade pizza next week….

I highly recommend Sage Hill Farms not only for their wonderful teas, and spices but their owner Bea Kunz is one of the best ladies I have met on line and is also a contributing writer right here on Heal Yourself Magazine, I look forward to learning more about using herbs in our daily life to enrich our souls and better our health.

Click Here to go to Sage Hill Farms website and purchase your organic teas and spices today!

Rating 5 out of 5 stars

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