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Really Judge Judy?

- 17 October 2013, 01:10

For the very first time I am open and honest about MY Lupus, don’t think I am weak, I am not. I do what I do and I love what I do and I am here for my clients and they know after having been with me for several years I am never behind on work, and I always do what is expected of me when they hire me. I work from home because I can….many others cannot….so this video really burns me up! Don’t LUMP us in with the drug addicts….

HOWEVER I am burned up about this video and Judge Judy’s statements. Unbelievable! Don’t talk about a disease you know nothing about! Watch the video below:  Statement about minute 6:15

man disgusted“During the interview with Megyn Kelly, Judge Judy was speaking about personal responsibility and she made remarks about lupus that were not only insensitive but very generalized and uninformed. This is unacceptable and Judge Judy should issue a public apology for her remarks.”

She talks about getting people off assistance who don’t need to be on it, and lumps those of us with Lupus with the drug addicts….WOW! I do not take assistance, because I can work from home and I have a loving husband who works his butt off to provide for his family….however for those who have no one and cannot work from home, how else are they going to support themselves. I don’t think the drug addicts etc. should get assistance from the government, however those with a chronic illness should if they have no other form of support or way to make a living.

Here are my thoughts, and I am WELL QUALIFIED TO SPEAK about LUPUS! For me, many days I am fine there are days where I am so tired, hurt so bad I want to just give up (think of the WORST flu you have EVER HAD and times that by 10)….not because I am NOT A FIGHTER, but because the pain is so hard to handle. To speak about Lupus like it is nothing in public and give the American public once again a high figure who is speaking her opinion, who knows nothing about Lupus is only going to hurt those of us who fight the disease daily. Lupus affects people differently and many times each day is a different struggle for those of us with Lupus. Good for her Daughter in Law who only feels tired on most days and can get up and do things without much assistance. I have days just like that, then I have days where no amount of sleep, exercise, healthy eating can take away the pain. I am lucky that they are few and far between and that I have AM ABLE TO WORK from home, because if I couldn’t do that I could not work outside the home on those days that I am so weak and in so much pain just the thought of driving the car to the store to get milk scares me. The weakness in your body when you get up and your legs for NO REASON shake, and you fall down because they cannot support you….the pain in your hands, your joints, your head that makes you scream to your husband “Just kill me now! I can’t take this pain anymore!” YES, I have those moments, I just had one a week ago, and the fear in my husband’s face was unbearable! Yet that is all I wanted was the PAIN TO STOP, I felt like my head was exploding going to POP, and I couldn’t get to the bathroom to throw up…

I understand her other points and many of them are valid HOWEVER, to do a generalization of LUPUS based on only what she sees instead of stating an informed case is beyond irresponsible! Each person with Lupus is different, there are MANY, MANY different signs. I am lucky as well I have found something that helps my skin with the rash that spreads across my face and chest, it is not gone but it is not as bright as it used to be, but take one look at my hands and people will tell you it looks like I put my hand on a stove and burnt myself….so for those of you family, and friends alike who I have heard over, and over all these years, yes I am finally speaking out, I am so tired of hearing that I am NOT sick, I don’t look sick, I can’t handle anything…..I can handle everything! Just some days “lucky me” gets to also deal with a disease that leaves me and has for years, not able to do what those of you who are healthy and do not have an autoimmune disease do daily and take for granted. There are days  when I could not keep up with my kids, I was so tired to walk from the house to the beach exhausted me. I don’t have those days as often now because I have found things that work for me, such as taking SeaVeg, starting to eat only whole foods and getting rid of  processed foods. I don’t take medications because they only made me worse off.

When you are faced with a disease one day I pray that your family and friends are more understanding, and know that there is only so much you can face and deal with. My lupus is progressing, know what that means….if I don’t learn to take care of myself better, get rid of the unneeded stress, my organs will start shutting down….yes, you heard me. I have not told anyone but Brent till now, my heart is weak….it has been for over a year….I may live a very long life and be perfectly able to see my kids grow up and be married, and see my grandkids, because I choose to find solutions that HELP ME, but what may help me might not help others, and the reality of all this is that I may not live long enough….there I finally said it! It is out in the open! HOWEVER I will NOT ALLOW this disease to break me, to take away TODAY!

Of course none of us know what tomorrow brings BUT I have the “added benefit” and I say that laughing because right now that is the only way I can….knowing that my heart is weak, that my system is fighting all the time, if one of my kids comes home with a cold, I get full blown flu and the worst kind you can get. I cannot take the flu shot because it just makes me sicker. The last time I received a flu shot I was in the hospital the next day with Bells Palsy. Having my future shoved in my face is a reminder that I may die young….yes we all will die, but when told that your disease is progressing….it brings a wake up call. THIS does NOT MEAN I cannot keep working with my clients, no way! I am strong enough and stubborn enough to find a way to do anything, I am a FIGHTER! Like I said the other day I will go down fighting. But I am here and now telling you all that I am human, and a human with a disease that decides from day to day how I will be….I am always looking for something to help me…HOWEVER, all I know of for today is that today I am good! Yesterday I was good, tomorrow I may need to fight a bit harder to get through the day….a week from now I may not be here, who knows…..facing my reality, can you all get it now? I am NOT WEAK! I do have LUPUS BUT it will NOT WIN!

I write this to speak out for myself, personally for all those out there who don’t care bypass this post….for those who do please if you feel inclined to do so help me speak out and sign this petition:

I signed it….will you?

Hold Judge Judy accountable for the remarks that she made about lupus on “The Kelly File” on Fox News (airdate 10/11/13)

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