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Simply A Woman of Faith Book Review

- 25 January 2009, 02:01

Part of being a Radio show host allows me to read books that I may never have known about. I had the honor and priviledge to read “Simply a Woman of Faith” this past week before interviewing Pat Hastings on Heal Yourself Talk Radio for our Boston MA show.

I have been struggling with my faith for a while now and having read Pat Hasting’s book and interviewing her on Heal Yourself Talk Radio came for me at the perfect time and the perfect place in my life. I needed to hear my own message from God and had been searching for months for the right answer, that answer came in the form of “Simply a Woman of Faith” and in Pat Hastings!

It is very important to me that those I interview especially coaches and authors live what they talk about and Pat Hastings does just that. She is truly a Woman of Faith. Pat Hastings  is a woman who lives what she writes and teaches.

Simply a Woman of Faith by Pat Hastings

Simply a Woman of Faith by Pat Hastings

“Simply a Woman of Faith” is filled with stories of inspiration, stories of listening to her inner voice, which was God speaking to her, and following what God told her.

For instance Pat writes about all the wonderful items she was able to find at garage sales right when she needed those items (for instance her husband was out of work and had a job interview coming up he needed a size 12D wing tip shoes but they couldn’t afford a new pair, so for a couple week everytime she went to a garage sale she would pray that God would help her find them. She went to one sale and was searching through piles of shoes and couldn’t find them, the man who was running the garage sale approached her and asked her what she was looking for. Pat told him she needed a size 12 D wing tip shoe for her husband. He went into his house and found the exact pair she was looking for!)

In “Simply A Woman of Faith” Pat talks about how she helped save someone’s life just by listening to God’s voice and he told her to go talk to a complete stranger. This woman was sitting on a beach, all alone and when Pat went up to her and told her “Hi, My name is Pat Hastings and God told me to tell you that he loves you…” she found out that the woman was depressed and thinking about ending her life.  This woman had gone through a divorce, just lost her job and felt that there was nothing left in this world for her.  Pat was able to sit and talk to this woman and share with her that God still loves her and that life will get better.  This woman later went on to go into another loving relationship, and find a new career as a school teacher.

I could go on and on about Simply A Woman of Faith but I won’t because words from me just cannot explain the pure feeling of joy and hope that I felt while reading her book. It is better that you go and read the book for yourself.

Simply a Woman of Faith

You can listen to Pat Hastings interview on Heal Yourself Talk Radio by visiting the link below


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