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The Medic Minder Journal

- 18 January 2009, 08:01

Watching my mom over the many years be a caregiver for my Buschia (Polish for Grandma) I saw how hard it was for her to keep track of all of Buschia’s medical, financial and personal information. In fact my Buschia had everything in a spiral notebook, which while it was helpful it, would have been so much easier on the whole family had they had The Medic Minder Journal that Diane Carter has created when she had a sudden stroke and couldn’t answer the doctor’s questions concerning her last wishes for health care and hospice.

I am now a caregiver for my father in law while he is in good health and can basically take care of himself the question in my mind has always been “What if…”

“What if he got in a car accident I don’t know that much about his prescriptions, or where his policies are, or where he keeps all his important documents….what if he got really ill and I had to take him to the hospital I have no idea what he takes, what his wishes are etc…”

Then came The Medic Minder Journal! What a life saver!

During the past couple weeks I have had the opportunity to reveiw the Medic Minder Journal for a product review and it has eased the “burden” in my mind of “What If…”

The Medic Minder Journal

The Medic Minder Journal

There are forms in The Medic Minder Journal for personal items such as last wishes, funeral arrangements, where documents are kept all the way to health related forms for medications, who are the people to contact in case of an emergency, and so many more forms!

This is a very comprehensive medical journal and I believe every one should have one no matter if you are a caregiver or not. See a couple weeks ago I was taken to the hospital for a Bell’s Palsy attack, while I was coherant enough to remember all my information it would have been so helpful had I had a medical journal that I could just hand the emergency nurse with all my personal and medical information.

It is in my honest view that everyone can benefit from purchasing The Medic Minder Journal not just caregivers, who knows what could happen to any member of your family. By using The Medic Minder Journal and all the many forms you are insured that you have all of your families information right at your fingertips in case of an emergency.

I will be using The Medic Minder Journal for my husband as well as the rest of the family. My husband is a Type 1 diabetic and goes on trips for his job, to have the  peace of mind knowing he has The Medic Minder Journal with him when I cannot be there will be a big relief!

The Medic Minder Journal

More information on The Medic Minder Journal taken from their website found at http://themedicminder.com:

The MedicMinder serves caregivers using a brilliant personal health record system for the patient’s medical and drug history. It saves critical time – and possibly the patient’s life – with the innovative wellness medical journal.

Our business is based on three (3) simple facts:

  • The MedicMinder creates more knowledgeable and effective caregivers regarding the patient’s medical and drug history.
  • The MedicMinder allows for more efficient and swift medical care when answering critical questions regarding medical history, past and present doctors, and past and current drug records.
  • The MedicMinder provides caregivers with the ability to keep the growing list of doctors updated when it comes to a patient’s current and past medical and drug history.

The MedicMinder is a magnificent tool for caregivers to quickly access and share medical and drug history, including contact numbers for both family and doctors.

At MedicMinder, we tie efficiency directly to the health care of the aging and ill. We believe that traditional approaches to medical and drug history are more reactive – that is, we answer medical and drug history questions when an emergency happens by making assumptions, guessing and trying to reconstruct from memory at a time of confusion, uncertainty and emotional distress.

Caregiving related to medical needs can be complicated. Our approach emphasizes simple and quick access to medical and drug history, through our easy record-keeping system, which includes contact numbers for family and doctors. We believe this to be a proactive approach, reducing the need to guess or stress over answers regarding medical and drug history.

Simply stated, the MedicMinder is “Trusted by Caring Families”

To purchase The Medic Minder Journal visit their websites at
http://themedicminder.com and when you purchase the journal be sure to say you read a review about their product right here on Heal Yourself Magazine.

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