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Twitter Power by Joel Comm

- 26 February 2009, 03:02

How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

I signed up for Twitter last year and quite frankly was not sure how to use it, wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t do much with it for almost 6 months. Over the past few months I had heard that Twitter was a great way to meet people and spread the word about my business, but I didn’t understand how. I have followed Joel Comm and his newsletters for years and when I found out he had written a book all about Twitter I just had to get it. I knew that the information inside would be fun and informative.

Twitter Power is mostly for those in business, like My Space, Twitter is becoming the next great market for online businesses to meet and greet others who are in their niche market. In just one week I have learned how to change my boring background on twitter to something that is more in tune with my personality, have met wonderful new people who are interested in the health and wellness industry and have great new friends online. All from following Joel’s well tested ideas.

In Twitter Power there are tips, tricks, and websites to help you use the power of Twitter more effectively, many of which I had never heard of before reading Twitter Power.

Twitter Power by Joel Comm

Twitter Power by Joel Comm

Joel talks about branding your company and how many big corporations are also using twitter. Now if Dell, JetBlue, Home Depo among many other corporations are using twitter to keep in touch with their customers than you know that its a very valuable resource for your own business.

With humor and valuable insight Joel makes reading Twitter Power fun too! While some people may say that the book isn’t a help, I disagree any information that gives you a heads up on the newest technology and great insights into how to brand yourself and stand out among the millions of other businesses than it is a valuable resource!

You can never stop learning! Because your competition doesn’t!

Besides working from home can make you feel isolated sometimes and by joining in on conversations with people you know on Twitter it is like having a GIANT water cooler to help break up the mundane while helping you get connected with people and businesses in your niche market.

Knowledge is power!

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Rebbekah White

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